Did They Wonder?

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Did They Wonder?

Imagine the wise men who journeyed so far

after seeing the brilliance of one special star.

They had heard that a King had been born to the Jews

who had waited so long for such wonderful news.


Imagine their thoughts as they traveled each mile.

Did they talk the whole way? Were they silent awhile?

Did they wonder at all if this new King would be

full of kindness toward others and rule tenderly?



Did they search for a palace with guards at each gate?

Did they hurry to find him? Could they hardly wait?

Gazing up at the sky full of sparkle so bright

did they know they were looking at salvation’s light?



After long weeks of waiting and wond’ring had passed

were they speechless with awe when they met him at last?

What they saw in his eyes, did it fill them with joy?

Did they know they were looking at God as a boy?



It’s a fact that most others had not understood

that the child they called Jesus was more than just good.

And although many saw him as loving and wise,

to get to the truth we must have deeper eyes.



Much more than mere human was Jesus, God’s Son.

On the day of his birth a great victory’d begun.

His life meant our healing from death would be sure.

But our life meant his death. There was no other cure.



Will you be like a wise man and wonder anew

of the infinite impact his birth means for you?

At the end of this time here on earth you’ll recall

that the ones who kept searching were wisest of all.





Copyright © 2004 Erin Keeley Marshall. All rights reserved.

No portion of this shall be reprinted without written permission from the author.


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  1. A lovely poem and reminder of the greatest gift ever given.

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