Where Mercy and Truth Need to Meet

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A hot-button social issue close to my heart showed up on Facebook today. Here’s the link to a well-written article that calls it what it is. Abortion claims far, far too many victims–and the victims are not only the innocent children murdered.


The victims also include the hurting women and men who have fallen for a convoluted argument of convenience, the siblings who won’t meet or grow up with their little brothers or sisters, the grandparents who won’t see the beauty of an ongoing generation in their family, the children who were almost aborted who live with questions of how such a decision was almost made about them, the misled medical practitioners who give in to cultural pressure . . . an entire world that groans under the burden of brokenness, chaos, and confusion.


Mercy and truth must meet at the crux of this lie that seeks to distract us from what abortion truly is: the violent murder of innocent children, children who are not happenstance or mistakes. We must discern truth and live for it, convenient or not. And mercy is as necessary as standing up for truth. May we not employ one without the other. May we not disregard either.


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  1. Love this Erin!!

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