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Redeeming a Jeremiah Day

We’ve all had them . . . those days that seem marked for failure. Laugh, maybe cry a little, and discover worthwhile purpose in our mistakes.

Becoming Heartsafe

In this unstable world where bad seems to win far too often, be refreshed by learning how to offer rare security for hearts, your own included.

Unleash Your Joy-Energy

Ever watch a child and wish for a dose of their energy? Live beyond the drain of life’s demands by discovering the energizing, contagious power of joy.

Perspective That Pays

Does your outlook act as an asset or a liability to your life? Make your thought habits work for you by multiplying your positive perspective.

Accepting Acceptance

If you’ve ever struggled to feel acceptable, this one’s for you! Get to the heart of the matter and trade your insecurities for strength by learning to accept that Someone cherishes you as you are.

Go-Get-It Prayers

What’s the purpose of prayer? Does it work? Who exactly are we talking to? Transform your life with this heavenly gift.

On the Offense for Your Defense

Who’s got your back? We want to move forward confidently . . . and we want the assurance that all will be well. Hear what it means for you that the God of ancient history still surrounds you as he leads you.

Growing Your Love-Lungs

The healthier our lungs, the more effectively they provide life-giving oxygen to our bodies. The healthier our spirits, the more effectively we love and accept love. Increase your “love-lung” capacity by learning to breathe from the endless Source of pure love.

Dreams Worth Chasing

What dream or goal has been kicking around at the bottom of your heart? Are you feeding it or starving it? Discover the value of dreams and the source of the ones worth chasing. . . . And discover the potential costs of not investing in your heart’s calling.

“Excuse Me, I Interrupt This Life. . . .”

How we cringe over interruptions! They mess with our chocked-full moments and our carefully planned days. With maddening skill, they threaten to push us off-balance by adding more chaos to our lives. Beat interruptions at their own game by finding unexpected joys through them.