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I’m so glad you stopped by! Come on in and make yourself at home. Join my imagination and let me offer you a cup of tea and a cozy nook to settle in and chat. I love to share both the deep and the frivolous, as I’m thoroughly convinced both are necessary. I long to grasp everything God has for me and to grow so gracious that I’m oozing to give it all back. Some days he and I succeed; other days . . . well, we’re working on it. Anyway, enjoy looking around, and consider me as a speaker for your upcoming event.

Blessings and joy and peace and hope and all that heavenly stuff.

if you want to know in one blog post what my heart is all about,
here you go. . . .

I’m so excited! Worldwide rights have been secured to publish The Daily God Book in Korean! Earlier this year rights were secured to publish an English version in Africa. Visit My Books to order it for the new year.

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